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Gabriele Guidoni

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31 ans - MANNEDORF (8708) Suisse

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Currently Street View Operations Lead (Adecco) at Google in Zürich, Switzerland.
Employment History:

- Nov 2017 - Present: Street View Operations Lead (Adecco) at Google in Zürich, Switzerland.
- Nov 2016 - Nov 2017: Junior PMO at Société Génerale in Paris, France/Bucharest, Romania.
- Jun 2016 - Oct 2016: PMO - GCC Financial Products & Bank Insurance at Unicredit Business Integrated Solution in Milan, Italy.
- Sep 2015 - Mar 2016: Business Consultant, Holding VAT number (P. IVA), at The Di Francia Law Firm in Bologna, Italy/Dubai, UAE.
- May 2015 - Jul 2015: Junior Analyst at Telecom Italia Digital Solutions in Rome, Italy.
- Nov 2013 - Feb 2014: Website Developer & Social Media Manager at Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI) Foundation in Turin, Italy.

Academic Background + Others:

- Master of Science in "Engineering and Management" at Politecnico di Torino, Torino (Italy).
- Erasmus+ Exchange Studies, Courses + MSc Thesis: Master of Science (MSc), School of Science, in “Industrial Engineering and Management” at Aalto University (Aalto yliopisto), Espoo (Finland).
- Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management at Università degli Studi di Padova, Vicenza/Padova (Italy).

"Always challenge yourself" is my motto. LION (LinkedIn Open Networker).

Expériences professionnelles

Street view operations lead

GOOGLE , Zürich - CDD

De Novembre 2017 à Aujourd'hui

Street View Operations Lead (Adecco) at Google

Junior pmo


De Novembre 2016 à Novembre 2017

Job Description

Société Générale Group, French worldwide leading multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris (France’s 3rd largest bank by total assets, 6th largest in Europe, 17th by market capitalization and component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index) offered me a 18 months V.I.E. (Volontariat International en Entreprise) contract, an opportunity to develop my international banking experience within one or more of the Group’s subsidiaries. I have been appointed to work at BRD branch which, with its 8800 employees in 915 units across the country, is the 2nd bank in Romania in terms of assets, one of the major financiers of SMEs, as well as one of the major players in the corporate banking market in Romania - Leader of the syndicated loans segment at the end of 2012.


I have been appointed to work within the DSI (Department of Information Systems, 250 internal employees), within the STU (Studies and Development) area, in the Serviciul Urbanizare unit divided between PMOs and Enterprise Architects. My activities included managing IT projects through Agile Scrum methodology practices via the Microsoft EPM (Enterprise Project Management), MS SharePoint, MS Office Project tools and reviewing the report documents CU, SRAP, SRIP, Calcul Dispo, CdC, SFD, UAT and Go Live Docs with the aim of identifying some criticalities & issues especially in their user interface and to enhance their effectiveness as decision making tools. In particular I had the possibility to sketch the architecture of a new SRAP (Synthesis Risk Actions Projects) report framework introducing a VBA macro allowing an alert system aimed at keeping the IT Project Managers constantly aware of the conditions of their projects and proposing in several meetings with the managers to adopt new IT Projects KPIs which take into account the actual effort, the planned effort, the number of anomalies identified in the HP Quality Center and ultimately a common baseline for identifying the duration of a project. This approach is supposed to give, together with a detailed Annual Projects Plan (PAP) supplied by the DPO department, an important added value to the existing IT Projects Management practices within BRD.

Pmo – gcc financial products & bank insurance

unicredit , Milano - Stage

De Juin 2016 à Octobre 2016

Job Description

I’ve been awarded as one of the 54 winners (out of +5000 worldwide applications) of the 3rd UniCredit International Internship Program. The program consisted of a 3 months internship in one of the UniCredit Group headquarters. I have been assigned to undertake my mission at UniCredit Business Integrated Solution in Milan . I have been appointed to work on a fundamental UniCredit Group 25Mln euros project, codenamed “Victory”, aiming at constituting a new “brokerage firm” SIM (Societ`a di Investimento Mobiliare) to enhance UniCredit Group wealth management integrating the existing consulting services and providing an additional wide set of financial applications to a selected subset of clients (target: clients with >5Mlnefinancial assets = 18.000 clients circa).


The project is composed of 6 work streams with dozens of sub clusters involving more than 200 people between employees and consultants. I worked directly in the PMO (Project Management Office), starting a few weeks before the technical Go-live milestone and my job mission was to support the “Be-Consulting” team monitoring the clients onboarding phase, data migration and UAT (User Assessment Tests) analysis. This mainly involved the use of the intranet HP “Quality Center” ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), PPM (Project Portfolio Management) AAM 2.0 (Asset Management), MDR (MetaData Repository), ProDox (Project Docs Management) applications for: extracting, clustering and presenting UAT, defects and Integrated tests data, attending and reviewing project WIP meetings, updating tests data with N/A in the Test Lab, QC data cleaning operations, function points analysis, granting accesses and data edit permissions to Test Managers. I have also been assigned 14 project clusters to monitor through both online and live meetings with the respective managers in order to discuss cluster criticalities or needs: Teller & Cash Solutions, Vital Statistics, Operative CRM, AML, Funds, Internal & Second Level Controls, Global Legal Service (GLS), Clients Cards, GCC Advisory & Asset Management, MAB-COI-GSG, Customer Support, Volumes & Sales, PGE & TG, Tools Compliance.

Business consultant

The Di Francia Law Firm , Bologna

De Septembre 2015 à Mars 2016

Job Description

Professional freelance Business Consultant at DI FRANCIA ADVISORS S.r.l.., holding VAT number (P. IVA). Di Francia Advisors S.r.l. is part of THE DI FRANCIA LAW FIRM, a market leader for international business and legal tailored services to top ranked companies all over Europe and the Middle East. The job goal was basically setting up the expansion of Italian top level firms in the Dubai Market. I had to constantly deal with, coordinate and lead our Dubai and Italian teams of Business Consultants and Attorneys and establish contacts with the market incumbents in order to follow up our clients businesses in the Arabic Gulf region. Projects I have been working on: • Fashion industry: Valentino S.p.A., Didesi S.r.l., Sara Zanobi, Fendi Home, White; • Food&Beverages industry: Pastificio Destefano S.r.l.; Cenerini S.p.A., Costa Ligure S.r.l.; • Construction industry: Guelfo S.r.l., Bruno Fratelli S.r.l.; • Furniture industry: Novamobili S.p.A.; Battistella S.p.A.; • Others: P.I.VER. S.r.l.; Regarding the fashion industry for example I had the chance to work on several million ebusiness projects coming from different areas: luxury accessories (e.g. Aftersales contracts for ”Valentino” bags in Qatar; new rings and necklaces line “Love” from the famous NYFW designer Sara Zanobi) and kids clothes (Business development in the Middle East for ”Ciccino” brand.).


My tasks as Business Consultant included: 1. Comprehensive Pre-feasibility Analysis Including Field Analysis, Market Analysis (evaluation of competitors, pricing (EXW, FOB, CIS, DTD), full evaluation of the service/product with respect to the Target Market, etc). This comprehensive analysis allows companies to verify the competitiveness of the business through global outsourcing that generate concrete time and money savings. 2. Development of a tailored marketing and promotion strategy including consultancy on the company profile and promo material in order to meet the requirements of the Target market. 3. Representative Office and Business Development Services (providing valuable contacts with top level local entities, potentially interested in our Clients’ products/services). 4. Identification of the best business opportunities in the target market. 5. Monitoring teams performances through HRM, CRM softwares (Administration of the Bitrix24 Intranet and of the shared files consistency). 6. Improvement of the firm’s policies. The firm has offices in: Bologna (HQ), Milan (Fashion), Rome, Dubai DIFC, Istanbul, Riyadh.

Junior analyst

Telecom Italia , Roma - Stage

De Mai 2015 à Août 2015

Job Description

I attended a postgraduate talent program at ELIS Corporate School in Rome, Italy, a consortium of several amongst the most famous international companies such as Oracle, Vodafone, Sky, etc. Almost 30 amongst the top marks graduate and about to graduate students in Engineering, Economics, Statistics and Mathematics from the most renowned Italian universities have been asked to develop an engineering project in groups of 3-4 people concerning the ICT industry.


My project dealt with supporting Telecom Italia Digital Solution (the fundamental branch of the Telecom Italia Group dealing with Digital innovation in terms of Machine-to-Machine solutions, Internet of Things, multichannel Digital CRM, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence and Social Reputation) in the development of the SEP (Sensor Enabling Platform), a platform which would allow the disconnection amongst sensors management, data gathering and data analysis in the automotive, agriculture and vending-machine industries. The steps involved: 1. Existing HW Scouting; 2. Developing SW components (Dory); 3. Defining a standard technical procedure for the new HW integration; 4. Costs modelling and KPIs extrapolation

Website developer & social media manager

ISI Foundation , Torino - Limited

De Novembre 2013 à Mars 2014

Job Description

I was involved in the development of a Quantum Physics website ( and related Social Media channels in order to pursue ISI foundation’s interests in a broader presence in the web community.


The key milestones included the followings:1 - Information Gathering: key content already developed to transition into core web content 2 - Planning of interactions regarding media accounts; structure design of full interplay; graphic design and development 3 - User interface and news entry planning; merging with course and youtube video content 4 - Development infrastructure, team and profile content, pictures 5 - Testing and Delivery, with a progression of feedback to make lasting important contribution to the teams efforts and public view 6 - Maintenance and a plan for future developments.

Formations complémentaires

MSc in Engineering and Management

Politecnico di Torino - Engineering and Management

2013 à 2016

MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management

Aalto University - Erasmus+ Exchange - Courses, MSc Thesis

2014 à 2015

BSc in Engineering Management

Università degli Studi di Padova - Engineering Management

2008 à 2012

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Italien - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant


Project Management

Centres d'intérêt

  • Managing a personal portfolio through several variants of arbitrage and market-making strategies. Currently dealing with cryptocurrencies (Bitcoins
  • Ethereum
  • OneGram)
  • investing in startups (Seedrs) and in FOREX (GBP
  • JPY).