Alexandre Bouzekri

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TORONTO (M5H 4E6) Canada


Bilingual Associate Scientist with 6 years of analytical skills based on vaccines testing, development and validation of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) kits for Autoimmune Diseases, proof-of-concept and development of multiplexed assays for immunogenicity testing of pharmaceutical drugs.

- Optimization of a virus titration assay to determine the vaccine’s production yields in different cell lines (Upstream Process)
- Quantification and identification of vaccines by Real-Time PCR
- Proof-of-concept, development and validation of multiplexing planar immunoassays by using analytical protein microarray and automation technology

Work on R&D innovative projects teams in monoclonal antibody therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs.
Interested by Quality Assurance, Industrial Operations, Quality Control in biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

Expériences professionnelles

Proteomics associate scientist

Fluidigm , Toronto

De Février 2010 à Aujourd'hui

Development of in vitro diagnostics kits for autoimmune diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Vasculitis, anti-TNF alpha drugs treatments) within Assay Development department.

Competencies and skills:

- Molecular Biology: Development and optimization of multiplexing planar protein microarray for antibodies level detection Ig_plex, verification and validation studies of SQI immunoassays on automated platform, method study comparison using commercial ELISA kits. Development of an 8-plex Cytokines Microarray Assay Titration in Discovery Department.

- Biochemistry: Method Development of ELISA Assays for characterization of coating antigens and antibodies functional activity, dye protein conjugation for antibodies testing.

- Compliance: Verification, validation, and documentation of new in vitro diagnostic kits in compliance with FDA 510(k) clearance and Healthcare Canada submissions, management of serum database, laboratory equipments maintenance.

Intern associate scientist in analytical sciences and assay development


De Avril 2008 à Septembre 2009

Development and qualification of analytical tests to support new vaccines projects within Research and Development division of Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.

Competencies and skills:

- Cell Biology: Generation of cell banks, CHO and Hybridoma cell culture in Bioreactors, Virus titration by CCID50 on Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts.

- Molecular Biology: Light Cycler Real-Time quantitative PCR vaccines seed characterization test.

- Biochemistry: Optimization and qualification of Bradford protein quantitation assays.

- Compliance: Introductory overview of GMP/GLP compliance, Able to research relevant publications in order to develop a test development plan, Data analysis and interpretation, preparation of protocols, optimization and qualification of new assays to support new vaccines development, writing of technical reports, Translating technical documents (SOPs and SWIs) from French to English.

Master's training student


De Septembre 2006 à Juillet 2007

Infections and Cancer Biology laboratory training on the role of the oncoproteins E6 and E7 of the cutaneous human papillomavirus in the cellular transformation of primary keratinocytes.

Competencies and skills:

- Cell Biology: 293T cell culture, Human primary keratinocytes cell culture, RNA interference and oncogene plasmids transfections.

- Molecular Biology: Plasmids Maxiprep for transfection, designing or primers, quantitative RT-PCR for RNA level expression, Western Blot for protein level expression.

Formations complémentaires

Master's degree

Université catholique de Lyon - Biotechnology

2007 à 2008

Industrial Training Program in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry ESSEP

Master's Research degree

Lyon 1 University - Cellular and Molecular Biology

2003 à 2007

Thesis: Role of the oncoproteins of the cutaneous human papillomaviruses in the cellular transformation of primary keratinocytes.

Parcours officiels

VIE – CANADA – 2009


Anglais - Courant

Allemand - Technique

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